Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Steps in the Decision-Making Process.


In our daily life, we will not escape from any problem and in other time we need to make decision in resolving a problem.

There are seven steps to make decision in decision-making process with a simple situation. I use this situation based on my own understanding in these steps that I've learnt in management course.

The situation : My mom and dad just have bought a new car for me as a birthday present. They want me to take a driving license but I feel so doubtful to drive the car because of increases of accident rates in Malaysia. In that case, I think it was so scary :-(

My mom and dad said it is easily for me to going anywhere by own transport since my age almost to twentieth.

3- GENERATING ALTERNATIVES (by creativity and imagination)
    I have 3 alternatives that I need to consider:
      i- follow my parents request
     ii- follow my heart - I say NO
    iii- just keep quiet and say nothing

4- EVALUATING ALTERNATIVES (+ve and -ve by cost, risks, benefits and quality desire) 
 i- my parents will happy with my decisions and i can go anywhere.
 i- safety risk on road

 ii- my heart will satisfy with my own decision in saying NO
 ii- my parents are disappointed 

 iii- none
 iii- no decision can be made

5- REACHING DECISIONS (give the reason)
After I considering all those alternatives, I prefer to choose to follow my parents will because I want they are happy with my decision and I can try new experience in life.

Firstly, I must think positively. There's a will, there's a way. BE BRAVE !
Secondly, I need to take a driving license.
Lastly, do not miss to always prays to ALLAH so that the decision have been made is the best and I can face it calmly.

From the implementation strategies, my parents are so happy. I have my own car and hopefully I will not to burden them. 

We hope with these steps can help us in making the best decision in our daily life :)

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