Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Steamboat time !!


my lovely roommate, Mira manja :) has been tagged me :) 
kamsahamnida, dongsang! sarangheyoooooo~ 


Sharing is caring okayy and I would like to sharing our memorable moments together at Steamboat restaurant in Arau, Perlis last night!

my roommates, Mira and Nad :) they are always cheering our room :D
Love both of you !

Nad with her 2nd "home'' room mate, Marni :P

 Lily :)

and....Ain :D

Nyum nyum ~
steamboat.. beef, chicken meat, crab ball, sausage etc..bla bla bla

practices eating with chopstick :D 


sayonara ! see you on next semester. Take care girls :)

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