Friday, October 19, 2012

End of first semester :)


Finally..i've finished my first semester from 2nd June until 15th October 2012 as a Mahasiswi at UiTM Arau, Perlis.
After struggling in final examination,
Now I'm at home ^__^ HAPPY HOLIDAY dear friends ! :) I'm gonna missing you guys and InsyaALLAH we'll meet again on next semester in same group/class okay. Take care :D 

we are in LT (Lecture Theater) 

Iyqa, Fieda, Naddy, me:) and Elina. 
LOVE YOU gegurlss! ngee :D

those are my lovely classmates :) 

Naddy, Aina, Fieda, Qira, Dinie, Aini, Meera, Fatin, Wanie, Zana, Artin, Syakila, Ekin, Faiqah, Nadz, Maz, Ade, Haswan, Ady, Iyqa, Elina, Azfar, Ammar, Aliff, Hafiz, Tyra and Qila.

BMD1Ab always in me, a happy family :)

QIRA (black hijab), my first friend since we met at UPM Bangi ;)

another in reminds,

my room in Kesinai 3

with them :)


unforgettable to my sweetie, 
i miss you sayang :D

our English lecturer, MADAM NIK SURIA
Her motherly advise must be remember till end okay ;)

Can I say that I LOVE YOU all? 

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