Sunday, April 28, 2013

Semester Break? What should I do?

Semester break is coming! 
But I don't know what must I do. Huhu
I want to work, but mom didn't agree.
I want to cook, she just make angry face.
I want to help her at the shop, also that kind.
What should I do?
Everything I want, it is not easily to get.
It is not as simply as ABC.
Selalu kena marah ada laaa...
I want to be like other teenagers outside there.
They are going to work, even for making a part time job, have owned money, 
anything to buy no need to use our parent's money.
I can to be independent of myself.
I want to search new experience in various of career.
Where's my right??
I dont want to be pampered everyday,
goyang kaki ,
reading novels and online...
I need the meaning of life, the real life,
in happy family :-(

kan best kalau dapat masuk pertandingan kawad kaki tu, mesti tak bosan macam ni T_T

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