Wednesday, April 17, 2013

truely missing.

When a senior meets her juniors :)
Kak Wanie and Qyla. They are my awesome roommates in Kesinai 3, room I223. Kak Wanie or full name Nurhazwani 'Izzati binti Ahmad (please double check your name's spelling..hihi) from Batch 41, my lovely senior Quantitative Science part 6 and Qyla or Aqilah binti Suyada from my batch, Batch 44 Quantitative Science too! 
**so I'm the only BANKERS there :D . 
I love both of them sooo much. Thanks for you, sis. You are always understand me and be a good listener :) For Qyla, a prettiest girl in our batch, heeee...thanks for accept me as your roommate even at first we are not knowing each other enough. Thanks for wake me up almost everyday morning :)

 谢谢 xiexie!!

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